Computer network defence

An image of a man sitting in front of a computer screen.

JP 2068 is a multi-phased proposal to progressively develop a survivable Defence Network Operation Centre capability, which will enable Defence to more effectively manage, monitor and secure its major communications networks and information systems.

Current work in DST Group (Phase 2B2) is intended to reduce the vulnerability of Defence’s information systems through the provision of advanced Computer Network Defence (CND) hardware and software, including a support facility to conduct ongoing development and maintenance.

This will provide enhanced CND information and computer technology, techniques and capabilities to protect Defence’s core information systems against intrusions. 

DST has been involved with the Integrated Project Team since its inception and has provided advice to the project including two technical risk assessments. 

DST will continue to provide advice and review designs until Final Operating Capability status is achieved to help ensure Defence builds an effective cyber defence capability.

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