Small arms fire warning capability

Flight deck marshal, Petty Officer Steward Jason "Moo Moo" Aitken prepares to direct HMAS Darwin's Seahawk Helicopter from HMAS Perth's flight deck during Exercise Kakadu 2012.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) helicopters in the Middle East often come under ground fire from small arms.

Due to high noise levels prevalent in the aircraft cabin, the crew may only become aware of this after damage to the aircraft occurs.

We have developed and tested software that provides warning of incoming ground fire and gives a bearing to the source, thus enabling evasive action to be taken.

The system uses existing onboard sensors and displays. When implemented, it will provide an immediate boost to the survivability of ADF helicopters and their occupants on operations.

Key information

  • Army Helicopters
  • Onboard Sensors and Displays
  • Small Arms Fire Warning Capability