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General document | KGRAPH – Interactive Plotting and Analysis


This report forms a user guide for the Windows based interactive graphics plotting and analysis program called KGRAPH. The program is based on an earlier program which was the subject of an earlier Materials Research Laboratories general document MRL-GD-010.

Executive Summary

This report details the operation and behaviour of the commands, functions and macros of KGRAPH and is intended to form a user guide for the current version (0.54) of the software. This software came out of a need to visually present and extract information from large data files generated by instrumentation that exceed the capability of available programs. KGRAPH based on an earlier plotting program has been designed to both manipulate the data visually and to be able to undertake the essential data analysis for processing, presentation and reduction.


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S.R. Kennett

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General document

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January 2013


Unclassified - public release


Interactive Plotting, Graphical Analysis