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Strategy | Resilient Multi-Mission Space

Providing resilient space-based services direct to the warfighter to enable the Australian Defence Force to prevail in increasingly contested operating environments.

‘Australia is reliant on space based and space-enabled technologies. Access to, and the free use of space is now a critical enabler, underpinning Australia’s ability to project military force.’

— Australia's Defence Space Strategy, March 2022


Space-based systems play a vital role in all ADF and coalition operations, wherever they occur around the world. From providing precise location information and situational understanding of the operating environment to enabling personnel and platforms to stay connected, assured access to satellite services and the freedom to operate in space are critical to the ADF’s ability to protect and defend Australia’s national interests.

Space is now an operational domain that is contested, congested and competitive. The Defence space mission is to prepare Space Power to secure Australia's interests in peace and war, and it is vital that Australia retains a capability edge in the space domain in order to ensure Australia's freedom to access space capabilities and protect Australia's national interests.

An agile and potent future force will rely on assured access to resilient and responsive space services. Seamless interoperability with coalition partners will also be necessary to support diverse missions across multiple locations around the globe.


  • Advanced space-based surveillance capabilities to provide comprehensive situational awareness for superior decision-making.
  • Secure and resilient communications delivered from space for a highly networked force.
  • Resilient satellite services providing accurate position and timing information to enable precision effects in contested environments.
  • Advanced space domain awareness and control for sovereign space operations.
  • Autonomous space systems and processing capabilities to dynamically reconfigure and deliver space cloud services at speed and scale direct to the warfighter.
  • Space systems that enhance Space Control capabilities to counter emerging space threats to Australia’s space capabilities.

Key information

Defence Sponsor

Chief of Air Force

Lead DST Chief

Mr Andrew Seedhouse
Chief of Intelligence, Surveillance and Space Division

STaR Shot Leader

Mr Rod Smith