Cyber assurance and operations

The Cyber Assurance and Operations branch of Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division undertakes the research and development of new and novel concepts, technologies and techniques in order to enable autonomous, resilient and effective cyber capabilities with an operational edge in the face of ubiquitous encryption, untrustworthy ICT and a highly dynamic and sophisticated threat environment.

The branch supports both the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the Australian intelligence community and has out-posted staff with the Australian Signals Directorate.

Active security technologies

Our Active Security Technologies group develops concepts and specialised cyber technologies, including computer network applications in support of Defence and national security.

A key area is high-assurance capabilities for resilient cyber systems in hostile environments, including cross-domain solutions and multi-level security.

Cyber defence analytics

Our Cyber Defence Analytics group focuses on concepts and technologies for the detection, monitoring and analysis of advanced threats and unauthorised activities on computer networks and devices operating in cooperative but threatened environments and effective defensive response.

There is also a focus on the protection of these networks and devices.  This includes activities in scalable, automated cyber investigative analytics, machine reasoning under uncertainty, data fusion, distributed computing, digital forensics and security architectures .

Cyber and crypto mathematics research

Our Cyber and Crypto Mathematics Research group is located within the Australian Signals Directorate and is strongly focused on addressing operational problems through the application, research and development  (R&D) of mathematics and data science.

This includes the use of modern mathematical techniques and high-performance computing, and statistical and machine-learning approaches, to address cryptological and data analysis challenges of secure and successful cyber operations.


Key information

Areas of expertise:

  • computer science
  • software engineering
  • electronic engineering
  • high performance computing
  • pure and applied mathematics