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Land and Integrated Force

Land and Integrated Force

Land and Integrated Force Division delivers the innovation, science and technology programs in support of the Land and Integrated Force domains.

The division is responsible for:

  • Joint Operations Science & Technology
    • Technology Readiness & Integration
  • Force Design & Integration
    • Strategy, Future Technology, Joint Capabilities
  • Electromagnetic Warfare
    • Land C4; Communications, Computers, Command and Control
    • Land Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare
    • Counter Improvised Threat
  • Land Combat Vehicles & Littoral Mobility
  • Littoral Manoeuvre & Enabled Soldier
  • Land Autonomy
  • Long Range Fires – Land & Maritime Strike
  • Guided Weapons Explosive Ordnance
  • Disruptive & Asymmetric Effects
  • SOCOMD – Special Operations Command
  • Health and Logistics
  • Operating in CBRN Environments (STaR Shot)

Division Information

Chief of Division

Dr Shane Canney