Cyberwarfare operations

The Cyberwarfare Operations branch of Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division undertakes the research and development of new and novel concepts, technologies and techniques in order to enable autonomous, resilient and effective cyber capabilities with an operational edge in the face of ubiquitous encryption, untrustworthy ICT and a highly dynamic and sophisticated threat environment.

The branch supports both the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the Australian intelligence community and has out-posted staff with the Australian Signals Directorate.

Trustworthy military systems 

The Trustworthy Military Systems group undertakes research and development to identify, mitigate, and counter the effects of untrustworthy ICT components, supporting the ADF's critical cyber systems to operate correctly.

Counter cyber threats

The Counter Cyber Threats group undertakes research and development to identify, understand and defeat threats to key cyber terrain. Their work supports ADF cyber operations, with a particular focus on defense of military mission systems and platform systems.

Cognitive cyber security

The Cognitive Cyber Security group undertakes research and development into harnessing cognitive inspired approaches for autonomous cyber security, to support ADF cyber operations with timely, in situ fight-through defence of cyber terrain.

Mission protection and effects

The Mission Protection and Effects group undertakes research and development in concepts, technologies and techniques for the understanding of the current and projected state of own and threat cyber physical systems. 

Key information

Areas of expertise:

  • computer science
  • software engineering
  • electronic engineering
  • high performance computing
  • pure and applied mathematics