Weapon Systems Technologies

The Weapon Systems Technologies branch conducts scientific research and matures weapons technologies that enable ADF combat capability for precise prosecution of threats and assured delivery of effects.

Our S&T capability includes:

  • Sensing and perception with a focus on targeting in complex and contested environments;
  • Trusted autonomous decision making under uncertainty for the effective delivery of effectors to neutralize threats with precision and low collateral damage; and
  • Directed Energy as a potential disruptive battlefield capability.

Our research areas of interest include:

  • High performance seekers
  • Multi-modal and multi-spectral sensors
  • Multi-sensor systems
  • Distributed and coordinated sensing
  • Active perception
  • Emerging sensor technologies
  • Precision guidance and control
  • Multi-agent collaborative guidance
  • Intelligent decision making and dynamic task allocation
  • Robotics, embodied autonomy and UAS flight experimentation
  • Fibre and solid state laser science and technologies
  • High power RF technologies
  • EM vulnerability testing
  • EM hardening of systems and subsystems

Some of our key strengths are in Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) detection systems, luminescence, mutli-agent guidance and control, and fibre laser sciences.

We aim to create value and deliver impact to Defence by partnering with Universities to shape fundamental research, leading weapons technologies maturation efforts through development of concept demonstrators, and engaging with industry to transition IP to ADF combat capability.

Key information

Areas of expertise:

  • EO scene modelling and projection
  • novel sensor technologies
  • system characterisation
  • RF scene modelling and generation
  • theoretical analysis
  • dynamic testing in simulated flight