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DST Group Industry Placement Scheme

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DST invites industry participation in a 'Defence Scientist in Industry' program whereby DST scientists and engineers are given the opportunity to spend up to 24 months in industry.

The scheme is ideal for projects where research and development (R&D) is required – e.g. early design, tender prototyping, or specialist hardware/software development or analysis.

DST intends this to be a lightweight process with an exchange of letters between DST and the company to participate in the scheme and an agreement between the individual and DST that they will return to their substantive position in DST on completion of the placement.


The scheme is designed to:

  • build stronger linkages between industry and DST
  • give industry access to research capability
  • develop DST scientists and engineers with improved knowledge and appreciation of the industry environment.


  1. Identify a position in the company for filling by DST staff
    The company identifies a suitable position which could be filled by a DST staff member for a defined period of time, usually 2 years. This position will not be one that is advertised externally. If the position is unfilled following advertising in DST, then the company may withdraw the position from the scheme and fill it as required. It is useful to discuss the position with a senior person in DST first including a Research Leader or Chief of Division. All initial enquiries in the scheme can be directed to the Science Capability Management team at .

  2. Send DST a position description
    The description should include an expected work program, skills set required and the time period you require someone. 

  3. DST will advertise for expressions of interest from its staff
    DST will advertise the position on our internal intranet.  The expression of interest will be available for two weeks.

  4. A shortlist of interested applicants is provided to the company
    DST will assess the applicants for suitability to the position and, in consultation with the company, provide the most suitable applications for further evaluation.

  5. Company interviews relevant applicants and selects a suitable person
    Once you have been given the short list of applicants, you are invited to assess them further through an interview process, seeking referee comments, or other criteria.  When you have decided on a suitable person, the company is responsible for notifying both the successful and unsuccessful applicants on the shortlist, similar to other recruitment activities.  The Company should also notify the Science Capability Management team at .

  6. Negotiations with suitable person on length of placement / remuneration
    While placements are usually expected to last for two years, the period can be less.  This will need to be discussed with the applicant and agreed by DST.  Remuneration should aim to be at least equal to what they would be paid at DST.  The details of the remuneration package can be agreed with the successful applicant.

  7. DST person takes leave without pay and is employed by the company
    For the period of the placement, the DST employee will be employed by industry.  They will be on a period of leave without pay from DST and would take up the company’s superannuation scheme or one of their choice.  Leave would be earned with the company, but long service leave would continue to accrue for the employee in DST.  The individual will sign an agreement that they will return to DST following the placement.

  8. Person works in the company for the agreed period
    During the period of the placement, all developed intellectual property (IP) is owned by the company.  Background IP from DST if required would be negotiated as required.  During the placement the person would remain in contact with DST, and DST will maintain contact with the Company’s point of contact to gauge how the placement is going.

  9. At the end of the period, person ends employment and returns to DST
    We would be interested in your feedback on the process and on the work of the person at any time, but especially at the conclusion of the placement. The returning staff member will be expected to write a report on their specific learnings bearing in mind no matters of a company confidential nature can be disclosed once they return.


  • Defence Scientist in Industry Program