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Building an Australian medical countermeasures capability

25 February 2018

A nation-wide audit of Australia's medical countermeasures capabilities has provided a wealth of data that will inform efforts to build Australia's preparedness against chemical, biological and radiological threats, emerging infectious diseases and pandemics. 

Medical countermeasures include vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics which can be used to protect military and civilian personnel.

DST is part of a collaborative national initiative to grow Australia's medical countermeasures capability, ensuring that the country is well-placed to combat health-related risks to the military and public.

The audit which involved pharmaceutical companies, universities, biotech businesses, research institutes and government departments from across the country was undertaken by d3 Medicine – a Certara Company, in consultation with DST. It has provided a valuable insight into how the medical technology and pharmaceutical sector has matured and developed since the first audit in 2012.

The results of the audit are being used to shape recommendations on how to sustain and grow a robust Australian medical countermeasures capability.

For a summary of the survey results and the proposed recommendations, see the Medical Countermeasures Initiative: National Capability Audit 2017 Summary.