Agile whole-of-force analysis

This project will generate an intellectual edge by transcending manual wargaming subjectivity; and providing the ADF’s first definitive quantification of the decision-making trade-space in capability and portfolio investment.

Capability | Grand Challenge: How can we capture multi-domain, multi-agent dynamics in a whole-of-force model?

MCW will inform the development of a multi-domain, multi-agent whole of force model for the ADF that is able to represent dynamics beyond simple ‘red’ and ‘blue’ adversarial kinetics. An inherent challenge is ascertaining an appropriate scale and level of abstraction for the Whole of Force model.

Portfolio Investment | Grand Challenge: What is the optimum future bundle of Defence capabilities (for a given budget) that maximises ADF warfighting advantage across a set of scenarios and acquisition timeframes?

MCW will target this ‘wicked’ problem through a series of lines-of-effort including:

  • mathematical heuristics – pushing theoretical solution frontiers
  • applied alternative solution frameworks
  • benefits realisation framework – measuring value and success in Defence portfolio selection, under strategic, operational and tactical uncertainties

Collectively, this work will tackle the formidable numerical trade-offs of computational efficiency and solution quality at a Portfolio level.