Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics for decision-making

Grand Challenge: What is the minimal human effort (expert and analyst) required to generate and test robust whole of force options, that fully integrates nested expertise across the ADF while preserving assured decision-making in the (human) senior hierarchy?

This project seeks to create a human-computer interface for ADF Force Design and testing. We are building our collaborative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities as we transition to a trusted AI future. DST has identified several AI capability milestones to chart our progress towards this goal. Using the military appreciation process as a scaffold, these milestones include:

  • AI can identify optimal tactics, given a force structure
  • AI can suggest force structure options           
  • AI can suggest scheme of manoeuvre options (narrative construction)            
  • AI can provide coherent response options under conditions of complexity and uncertainty

These capabilities will be underpinned by investment in an advanced computing environment, which will support:

  • the Big Data requirements to ‘train’ AI
  • ‘plastic’ software architecture
  • visualisation tools for decision-maker