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Centre of Expertise in Energetic Materials

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The Centre of Expertise in Energetic Materials (CEEM) brings together the characterisation and synthesis capabilities of Flinders University of South Australia and the energetic materials expertise and infrastructure of DST Group.

The CEEM was established by Flinders and DST in 2007 to conduct fundamental and applied research in energetic materials.

In 2012, the collaboration was expanded  to allow industry and other academic institutions to become members and participate.

The key objectives of CEEM are to:

  • Provide a secure and safe dedicated national hub to facilitate cooperative research in the field of energetic materials
  • Contribute to tackling the decline in research expertise in energetic materials in Australia
  • Develop knowledge and capabilities in the field of energetic materials
  • Be instrumental in establishing world leading education

CEEM undertakes research and development in the field of energetic materials and in particular the following key focus areas:

  1. Safety and Environment
  2. Materials and Properties
  3. Detection and Analysis


Flinders University of South Australia

  • Detection and Analysis
  • Materials and Properties
  • Safety and Environment