DSTG on ABC's Catalyst

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DSTG's work has featured multiple times on the ABC program Catalyst.

Video and transcripts of recent segments can be found on the ABC's Catalyst site, including:

  • 'Aircraft Electromagnetic Interference' (6 November 2014) - featuring our work in predicting the interference that comes from various electromagnetic sources
  • 'AE2 - The Silent ANZAC' (28 August 2014) - featuring our work in support of the project to record, preserve and tell the story of the wreck of Australian submarine HMAS AE2
  • 'Military Uniform' (15 August 2013) - featuring our Environmental Test Facility
  • 'Air Operations Simulator Research Centre' (18 July 2013) - featuring our Air Operations Simulation Centre
  • 'Bubble Behaviour' (29 March 2012) - featuring our cavitation research on reducing the damage done by moving water on dam walls, ship hulls and the noise impact of submarines
  • 'Robot Wars' (24 February 2011) - featuring our work with the United States Army on autonomous systems through the Multi-Autonomous Ground-robotic International Challenge (MAGIC)
  • 'Military Fit' (25 February 2010) - featuring our work in developing Physical Employment Standards.