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DSTG fosters a close partnership with the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), including the exchange of senior staff and sharing of research facilities

Shared defence research facilities

DSTG and Dstl have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for reciprocal access to each other’s science facilities and equipment.

The arrangement benefits both Australia and the UK by making better use of specialist facilities and spare capacity without the need to invest in new infrastructure.

The MOU also provides for sharing of information between DSTG and Dstl on current facilities, capabilities and plans for developing future facilities for research and testing.

Senior staff exchange

Dr Steven Rooks

Dr Steven Rooks from Dstl was posted to DSTG as part of a program to expose senior staff to a new learning and development environment for temporary periods and increase international engagement. 

During his tenure at DSTG, Rooks helped to enhance collaboration between the two organisations.

He assisted in the development of DSTG’s Strategic Plan, including the technical benchmarking process that was an early initiative of the plan.

“[This] will be a major legacy of your posting,” Chief Defence Scientist Alex Zelinsky noted.

Steven Rooks was presented with a Chief Defence Scientist commendation recently for his contribution to strengthening the relationship between DSTG and Dstl.

Dr Chris Norwood

In 2010, one of DST's Research Leaders, Dr Chris Norwood, was posted to Dstl's Porton Down laboratory.

Norwood, a former winner of the Minister's award for achievement in defence science, worked on maritime research projects focused on acoustics, signature management and structural modelling.


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