Disease modelling

Cell Harvester used in the Analysis of cell function, as a part of the program of developing medical countermeasures to infectious disease agents

DST Group conducts a multi-disciplinary research program to establish ways of countering the malicious use of biological and chemical agents against Defence and civilian personnel.

Examples of research projects undertaken in this program are:

  • modelling of the processes and timings of disease emergence in a community
  • identification of generic biomarkers in urine indicative of exposure or infection, thereby facilitating diagnosis of a specific disease
  • development of molecular identification techniques to enable rapid identification of microbial pathogens in the event of a biological warfare attack, and
  • investigation of potential medical countermeasures to biological and chemical threats.

Key information

  • Cell Harvesting
  • Chemical and Biological Defence
  • Disease Modelling
  • Medical Countermeasures