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Over The Horizon Radar (OTHR) surface vessel detection and tracking

An image of a man in front of a radar array.

One element of DST Group's recent research in this area has been concerned with improving OTHR detection and tracking performance against larger, slow moving targets such as ships on the ocean surface.

This is a significantly more difficult task than detecting fast moving aircraft.

DST has developed a new kind of OTHR called the Mode-Selective Radar that is designed specifically to overcome key difficulties associated with ship detection.

The solution involves a multiple-input, multiple-output radar, which was implemented using an innovative 'skew-fire' array design. Through experimental trials of the technology, DST has demonstrated that the most significant impediment to ship detection can be overcome in most cases. This achievement is a world-first.

Key information

  • Mode-Selective Radar
  • Over the Horizon Radar
  • Radar Detection
  • Tracking