Integrated ISR

An image of over the horizon radar

The Integrated ISR MSTC researches technologies associated with the defence ISR enterprise.

This includes systems that deliver pervasive, persistent and resilient situation awareness of events in regions of high strategic importance, and information architectures to deliver ISR products, at speed, to the operational community. It conceives and develops advanced ISR technologies and techniques to protect the ISR mission. It develops methods to integrate and disseminate ISR information from multiple sources and suites of models to evaluate overall ISR capability

HF Systems STC

HF Systems conceives and develops ISR systems that operate in or near the High Frequency (HF) spectral band. These include systems using the various propagation modes (sky wave / line-of-sight / surface wave), and systems that characterise the ionosphere. Applications include the tracking of air and surface moving targets, missile defence and space domain awareness. Experiments and trials are used to support operations and include upgrade of the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN), and to develop novel concepts for possible transition to future operational capability.

ISR Protection STC

ISR Protection enhances ISR system resilience by developing techniques to improve ISR system performance and efficiency in adverse environments through advanced processing and automation. This includes electronic protection against natural or deliberate interference, and passive sensing to characterise adversary ISR capabilities. It also addresses the protection of ISR mission objectives and capabilities through counter surveillance, denial and deception techniques. Systems level analysis and assessment is used to quantify the effect on ISR mission capability.

ISR Information Systems STC

ISR Information Systems develops generic and agile architectures for the integration and dissemination of ISR data to enable decision superiority. In addition, the STC undertakes research on the assimilation of data from multiple ISR sources, and systems that facilitate the interrogation of ISR data to enhance capability and sense making.