Corporate document | DSTO Annual Review 2014-15

Cover of the DSTO Annual Review 2014-15
DSTO Annual Review 2014-15

The DSTO Annual Review 2014-15 showcases select examples of science and technology delivering capability outcomes for Defence and national security.

As the Annual Review covers the period 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015 (i.e. prior to our change of name to DST Group) the term DSTO is used throughout this publication.

The review focuses on key achievements during the period 2014-15, and is broken into six sections, including:

  • Our organisation
  • Delivering capability for Defence and national security
  • Partnerships and outreach
  • Investing in our people, our assets, our success
  • Emerging futures
  • Appendices (comprising lists of science and technology reports, papers and patents).

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DSTO (DST Group)

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December 2015


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