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Book | Work domain analysis: Concepts, guidelines, and cases

Cover of Work Domain Analysis
Work domain analysis: Concepts, guidelines, and cases

A comprehensive treatment of work domain analysis, this book covers fundamental topics such as abstraction, decomposition, and structural means-ends and part-whole relations—the basic characteristics of a work domain model.

It also covers more advanced topics such as the development of multiple models of a system and the distinction between causal and intentional systems, illustrated with numerous examples, crossing a range of systems including warships, libraries, and petrochemical plants.

Guidelines for performing work domain analysis and three detailed case studies assessing the impact, uniqueness, and feasibility of applying work domain analysis in industrial settings are described as well.

Published by CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group.

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Naikar, N.



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May 2013


Unclassified - public release


job analysis, task analysis