Concepts to capability

The primary objective of HPRnet is to deliver an operational advantage to the Warfighter through human focused science and technology. We illustrate areas of opportunity using the Sense, Think and Act cycle.

Modern militaries are structured to prepare for, perform and recover from an uncertain set of missions.

We map our projects to these functions. These functions can be decomposed to more specifically consider how an innovation might deliver an advantage to the warfighter.

The warfighter senses, thinks about, and acts in pursuit of its aim, depending on its state of preparedness or recovery.

2016 & 2019 HPRnet studies mapped to the cycle


Military stakeholders speaking on HPRnet

Brigadier Jeremy King discusses how HPRnet helps the Army think and prepare for the future.

Commodore Dave Mann discusses Navy's Human Performance Considerations.

Dr Adrian Smith shares his perspective on the importance of translational research, with an aircrew focus.

Brigadier Mark Ascough discusses HPRnet and how it allows the Army to think a clearly about the physical, cognitive and technological environments.

Brigadier Kahlil Fegan discusses HPRnet and the opportunities it presents to Army of today, as well as how it is transforming the workforce to remain operationally effective.

Brigadier Ana Duncan discusses HPRnet and the benefits to the Army of today and the future.

Commodore Matthew Buckley discusses HPRnet and the opportunities that human research has on Navy's capabilities.