Network partners

HPRnet is an established community of experts and innovators from universities, industry and other agencies. It draws together multidisciplinary teams from around the country who are co-invested in the delivery of significant outcomes for the warfighter, underpinned by world-class science.

The following is a list of research teams currently collaborating or funded through HPRnet.


Contact information

ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical & Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) Angela Dahlke
Charles Darwin University Dr Shahd Al-Janabi
Curtin University A/Prof Daniel Gucciardi
Deakin University Dr Luana Main
Flinders University Prof Mike Nicholls
  Dr Oren Griffiths
  Dr Sal Russo
La Trobe University Dr Kane Middleton
  Prof Paul Gastin
Macquarie University A/Prof Monique Crane
  Prof Michael J. Richardson
  A/Prof Rachel W. Kallen  
  Prof Mark Dras  
  Prof Erik Reichle  
  Dr Patrick Nalepka  
Microba Life Sciences Dr Kylie Ellis
Monash University Prof Murat Yücel
Queensland University of Technology Prof Gene Tyson
  A/Prof Tony Parker
Swinburne University A/Prof Matthew Cooke
  Prof Regina Belski  
  Prof Con Stough  
  Dr Sarah Catchlove  
  Dr Shakuntla Gondalia (CSIRO)  
University of Canberra A/Prof Richard Keegan
University of Newcastle Prof Simon Keely
  Prof Nicholas Talley
University of New England Prof Christian Cook
University of NSW Prof Hussein Abbass
University of Queensland Prof Paul E. Dux
  Prof Simon Smith
University of Technology Sydney Dr Job Fransen
University of Western Australia Winthrop Prof Danny Green
  Prof Shayne Loft
  A/Prof Troy Visser
Victoria University Prof David Bishop
  Dr Matthew Lee
  Dr Jujiao Kuang  
Western Sydney University A/Prof Gabrielle Weidemann
  A/Prof John Cass