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Our scientific output includes report literature

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Our scientific and technical publications are an important vehicle for the dissemination of our work. 

We have several goals for our publications:

  • To communicate the results of the research program to clients and fulfil our reporting responsibilities to the Department of Defence.
  • To record the results of our research program.
  • To communicate the results of scientific research and technical information to Australian industry and academia.
  • To increase awareness of and enhance the reputation of DSTG.

For enquiries about science and technical publications, or to request a publication please contact

Latest scientific publications

Technical note
Technical note
The F-111 Adhesive Bonded Repair Assessment Program (FABRAP) was created to generate statistically valid data regarding the efficacy of the tap-test as a non-destructive-inspection technique and the environmental durability of adhesive bonds. In FABRAP Phase I Testing, over 300 repairs were tap tested and 820 residual strength tests conducted using a pneumatic adhesion tensile testing instrument. This report details the FABRAP process and summarises the results from the Phase I testing.
Technical report
Technical report
Three magnetic field sources were characterised. The sources are needed experiments investigating interactions between hot gases from a detonation and the magnetic field.
Technical report
Technical report
This report compares the decision ladder template and the recognition-primed decision model in terms of five main factors.
External publication
External publication
This paper contributes to the emerging body of evidence that Cognitive Work Analysis offers an approach for analysing the work demands of future systems.


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