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What’s expected of a senior Defence science and technology professional?

As a member of our STEM workforce, you could expect to undertake any or all of the following duties, depending on your specific skills and role:

  • Contribute to science & technology outcomes through the provision of high level and integrated scientific advice.
  • Enhance Defence leading-edge capability across a range of scientific disciplines by generating new knowledge and responding flexibly to a rapidly evolving environment.
  • Manage client-focused activities of considerable complexity which may span several scientific disciplines of strategic importance to Defence.
  • Maintain collaborative opportunities and partnerships with clients and leading scientists within the science and technology enterprise, building effective professional relationships with a network of research partners across academia, industry and Government.
  • Manage relationships with stakeholders by working collaboratively, communicating openly and networking.
  • Manage workloads of considerable complexity and promote a strong culture of scientific excellence.
  • Deliver high-quality scientific reporting including briefs, publications and presentations.
  • Establish procedures and guidance to ensure compliance with legislations, regulations and internal policies.
  • Mentor and coach others in science and engineering excellence, and teamwork, to maintain an enthusiastic culture of high-impact, high-quality solutions.