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Our research divisions

Research at DST is organised across seven research divisions, each designed to optimise our ability to deliver to Defence.

See the links below for more information on the capabilities, projects, facilities and personnel in each of our divisions.

For a single view of contact information, see our Divisional contacts page.

Our Research Divisions

Picture of a RAN frigate utilising the latest naval technology.

DST's Maritime Division provides technologies and scientific and technical (S&T) expertise to deliver the capability edge to the war fighter and enhance the operational performance and survivability of defence platforms in the maritime domain.

A soldier (left) alongside a bushmaster vehicle.

Land Division provides an integrated program supporting Army and the Land environment.

One of the crowd pleasing aircraft displays at the Australian International Airshow at Avalon in Victoria is the RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet.

Aerospace Division provides support and innovative solutions to enhance the operational capability, survivability, availability and safety of the Australian Defence Force's (ADF’s) aircraft platforms and reduce the cost of owning them.

Joint and Operations Analysis Division undertakes rigorous, scientifically-based analysis of Defence operations and capability to provide independent, impartial, timely advice.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Space Division

Intelligence, Surveillance and Space (ISS) Division undertakes internationally-recognised research and development into technologies aimed at enhancing the national capability to produce accurate, relevant and timely actionable intelligence for both Defence and national agency decision makers.

Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division

Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division undertakes research and development focused on identifying, analysing and countering threats to Australia’s defence and national security through electronic means.

Weapons and Combat Systems Division

Weapons and Combat Systems Division applies science and technology to the capability analysis, development and operation of weapon and combat systems relevant to the ADF.

Key information

  • Maritime
  • Land
  • Aerospace
  • Joint and Operations Analysis
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Space
  • Cyber and Electronic Warfare
  • Weapons and Combat Systems