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DHSS 2021 Call For Abstracts

The Defence Human Sciences Symposium (DHSS) is the principal Australian forum for those interested in the application of human sciences research to enhance Defence capability. DHSS 2021 will be co-hosted by Victoria University and the Department of Defence between 29 November – 01 December at Victoria University's Footscray campus and online.

The theme for DHSS 2021 is 'Human Performance Leading the Way'. The Defence Strategic Update 2020 and the Defence Science and Technology Strategy 2030 both highlight the fundamental role of Defence’s people as individuals, in small teams, and interacting with technology and information, in contributing to a strong, more capable, and effective Defence enterprise. Human performance research is essential to ensure that the Australian Defence Force is able to meet the challenges of the future operating environment. This will likely require academia, industry and DSTG working with the Australian Defence Force, National Security, other government agencies and overseas partners. DHSS 2021 will provide a forum for delegates from academia, industry and defence to showcase human performance research that has the potential to contribute to Defence outcomes.

Submission requirements

Abstracts should be prepared according to the abstract template here. Abstract submissions will close 22 August 2021, and abstract submission details will be advised shortly. The review committee will consider submissions describing theoretical and applied research, as well as discussion papers, and papers describing work-in-progress. All Defence co-authored submissions should be classified no higher than OFFICIAL, Public Release.

Preliminary program

The DHSS 2021 program will be held over three days and will include a diverse range of speakers. DHSS will be held in conjunction with the Human Performance Research Network (HPRnet) symposium and the Research Network for Undersea Decision Superiority (RN-UDS) symposium, which will be held following DHSS on 02 and 03 December. Details of these symposia will be made available soon.

DHSS is currently intended to be a face to face event with opportunities for online interaction, but will revert to a fully online event if required due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The full program will be released closer to the date. Abstract submissions for DHSS 2021 are invited that address the topics below. These topics are indicative rather than all-inclusive. All submissions relevant to the symposium theme and to the application of human sciences to Defence will be considered by the organising committee.

Defence Operational Domains

  • Maritime
  • Land
  • Air
  • Information and Cyber
  • Space

Defence Focus Areas

  • Enhanced human performance
  • Future Technologies
  • Human Biotechnology
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Individual and Team Performance
  • Training & Education
  • Support to Operations
  • Health, Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Operating in Contested Environments (including information, cyber, and CBRN)

Human Performance

  • Anthropometry & Biomechanics
  • Cognitive enhancement and augmentation
  • Cognition (perception to decision making)
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Physical Augmentation (assistive technology)
  • Physiology


  • Ethics
  • Measurement and Metrics
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Multidisciplinary Research
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Human Sciences Research during the COVID-19 pandemic

Human Systems Analysis

  • Ergonomics & Human Systems Engineering
  • Human Systems Integration

Organisational Effectiveness

  • Health and Safety
  • Organisational Culture
  • Personnel Selection and Retention


Registration costs will be advised, but are not expected to exceed AUD$500 for face-to-face attendance. A reduced rate will be offered for virtual attendance. Student registrations will also be available.


If you have any questions about DHSS 2021 abstract submissions, please email . For queries about the HPRnet Symposium please contact Lisa Headley on

Organising Committee

NamePhone numberAffiliationEmail address
Dr David Crone +61 8 7389 3246 and Division, DSTG
Professor David Bishop +61 3 9919 9471 Victoria University
Dr Chris Best +61 3 9626 7252 Aerospace Division, DSTG
Dr Sam Huf +61 8 9553 3571 Maritime Division, DSTG
Dr Steven Talbot +61 8 7389 4242 Joint & Operations Analysis Division, DSTG
Dr Susan Cockshell +61 8 7389 5683 Weapons and Combat Systems Division, DSTG
Ms Lisa Headley (HPRnet POC) +61 400 505 549 HPRnet

Key information

Abstract submissions will close 22 August 2021.

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