Vibration Energy Harvester

The Vibration Energy Harvester

The Vibration Energy Harvester scavenges power from a vehicle's structural vibrations and then converts them into electrical power for use by in-situ diagnostic sensors and devices.

The technology can be used to power applications such as Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, RF-identification, and Condition Based Maintenance systems.

Multi-axial and with broad frequency bandwidth and high power density, it surpasses current commercial energy harvesters. It is lightweight, simple to install, and has unlimited lifespan.

Unlike traditional powering techniques, no batteries, copper wires or data-buses are needed. Maintenance and certification issues are reduced.

Patents pending. Prototypes currently in laboratory and field tests.

Technology pitch

Watch the video below to see Dr Scott Moss pitch the Vibration Energy Harvester at Partnerships Week 2015.

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