Our leadership

DST Group is part of the Department of Defence.

Chief Defence Scientist

The Chief Defence Scientist is the head of DST Group and is the executive accountable to the Minister for Defence through the Secretary of the Department of Defence for delivering the science and technology (S&T) program of the Defence portfolio. In delivering this program, the Chief Defence Scientist is responsive to the priorities of the Chief of the Defence Force, Service Chiefs and other Group Heads within the Department.

The current Chief Defence Scientist is Dr Alex Zelinsky.

DST Group Leadership Team

The DST Leadership Team (DLT) is the primary executive management body in DST.

The role of the DLT is to determine matters and to make recommendations to the Chief Defence Scientist regarding the direction and operations of DST. The DLT, individually and as a team, support the Chief Defence Scientist to lead, direct, coordinate and control the operations and performance of DST Group.

The DLT comprises the Chief Defence Scientist, three Chiefs of Corporate Divisions, and the seven Chiefs of Research Divisions. DLT is chaired by the Chief Defence Scientist. The Chiefs report directly to the Chief Defence Scientist.

Members of the DSTO leadership team

Chief Defence Scientist - Dr Alex Zelinsky
Australia's Chief Defence Scientist and head of DST Group.

Chief of Science Strategy and Program Division.

Picture of Dr Ian Dagley
Chief of Science Partnerships and Engagement Division.
Photo of Mr Peter Lambert
Chief of Research Services Division.
photo of Dr David Kershaw
Chief of Maritime Division.
Picture of Dong Yang Wu
Chief of Aerospace Division.
Photo of Dr Peter Shoubridge

Chief of the Land Division.

Chief of the Joint and Operations Analysis Division.
Chief National Security and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division.
Photo of Dr Dale Lambert
Chief of the Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division.
An image of Chief Weapons and Combat Systems Division, Dr John Riley
Chief of the Weapons and Combat Systems Division.
A photo of Dr Mike Davies
Chief Science & Technology Program.
Photo of Dr Richard Davis
Chief Technology Officer National Security.

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