DST Group exploits its domain knowledge to develop and apply technologies and solutions for the sustainment, operational effectiveness, improvement and life extension of Defence capabilities, including creation of tools to help develop tactics, techniques and procedures.

This role is vital to improving operational effectiveness, enhancing safety, maximising asset availability and delivering significant savings in total cost of ownership.

We have a unique combination of skills, facilities, knowledge, network of contemporary specialists, access to classified government data and a reputation that brings credibility and acceptance.

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With increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, maintain fuel security and ensure greater sustainability, biofuels are receiving growing attention.
Armidale Class Patrol Boat, HMAS Maitland (foreground) in formation during Exercise Kakadu.
The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) operates 14 Armidale Class Patrol Boats (ACPBs).
F/A-18 FINAL Centre Barrel Fatigue Acceleration Test
Flaw IdeNtification through the Application of Loading (FINAL) involves applying simulated wing loads to the retired F/A-18 Hornet centre fuselage sections, known as centre-barrels (from the US Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force & RAAF) in a test rig.
An armoured vehicle performs a driving test.
LAND 400 is the Australian Army’s largest and most complex major capability equipment project to date.
An engineer preparing the Hawk Lead-in Fighter rig.
DST Group is undertaking fatigue tests to establish the endurance limits of the Hawk Mk 127 Lead-In Fighter.
A picture of one of the new Australian Submarines
We're working with our university and international partners to reduce the acoustic signatures of Australia’s submarines.