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Advice to government

A DSTG scientist providing advice to the Assistant Minister for Defence, Mr Stuart Robert.

DSTG informs Defence and national security policy and strategy by being a valued adviser that provides evidence-based, expert and impartial advice that utilises the organisation's analysis skills, deep scientific capabilities and domain knowledge.

The Australian Government and Defence must make evidence-based policy decisions. Australia has a need for a trusted organisation with the requisite knowledge to provide this advice.

We have a deep understanding of current and emerging technologies relevant to defence and national security, significant analytical capability, unique access to domain knowledge and a highly developed ability to synthesise information.

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An image of a man reading the Defence White Paper.

DSTG has representatives embedded in the White Paper team to contribute science & technology input to the paper, as well as to the Force Structure Review.

A photograph of a female soldier on a treadmill with a DSTG scientist alongside.

DSTG is developing performance standards that help assess an individual's ability to perform given roles.