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National security

An image of a person wearing protective clothing handling a box containing hazardous materials.

DST Group leads the coordination of science and technology research to enhance Australia's whole-of-government program for national security.

We are working with other government agencies to:

  • Implement national security science and technology policy and coordination processes.
  • Manage the DST Group National Security Program.
  • Foster international national security research collaborations.
  • Provide strategic analysis of national security priorities and resourcing.
  • Integrate counter-terrorism technologies to benefit Defence and civilian agencies.

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An officer, wearing protective material, examines a hazardous box as part of a safety demonstration.
Our Structures Threat Analysis Team was formed in response to an urgent need to support the numerous civilian government agencies who find themselves faced with the threat of terrorist attack.
An aircraft with surveillance cameras mounted below it.

The Imaging Systems Branch conducts research and development into the use of Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) for Defence and National Security.

Cell Harvester used in the Analysis of cell function, as a part of the program of developing medical countermeasures to infectious disease agents

DSTG conducts a multi-disciplinary research program to establish ways of countering the malicious use of biological and chemical agents against Defence and civilian personnel.