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STEM Careers | Drive your future: protecting soldiers with water

Huon Bornstein

Huon Bornstein

Huon Bornstein has mapped his own STEM program which is helping drive the future of Australia's ground forces. He's testing his designs to make Australia's armoured vehicles tougher—using water. These vehicles carry a lot of water in arid locations. Store it in the right place, and it could protect against landmines and improvised explosive devices.

STEM Program at University

Huon never imagined he'd be working on these problems when he was an undergrad in Aerospace Engineering and Science at Monash University in 2009. He majored in maths and astrophysics then he applied for DST's graduate program and was invited to join the mechanics and vehicle survivability team.

Now he's doing a PhD at RMIT University, supported by DST. His work ranges from the theoretical to the highly practical—creating numerical models and simulating explosions on the computer, then testing his models with real-life explosions on the DST test range.


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