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Opportunity | Quantum-Enhanced Communications Call for Proposals

Defence's Quantum Research Network is seeking innovative proposals from industry and academia in the area of Quantum-Enhanced Communications (QEC).

Proposals are expected to span a multi-year timeframe and align with the Defence research priorities; and should identify and pursue science and technology areas that are critical for future Australian Defence capability

In order to be considered for support, submissions should:

  • Provide a detailed summary of the proposed activities
  • Contain clearly articulated milestones and deliverables
  • Outline a forward looking innovation plan beyond the current proposal
  • Contain a budget, including details of any in-kind contributions
  • Detail any proposed co-funding arrangements with other bodies
  • Align to the S&T priority areas provided in this document

Areas of interest

Proposals must relate to Quantum-Enhanced Communications technologies and systems in one or more of the following broad focus areas:

  1. Quantum-secured communication
  2. Quantum time transfer
  3. Quantum memories and repeaters
  4. Free-space quantum communications
  5. Quantum-enabled RF communications
  6. Quantum-enhanced classical communications

It is highly desirable, though not essential, that proposed technologies demonstrate capabilities that are unique to quantum technology.

It is essential that proposals make a clear case for the potential of the proposed technology to achieve superior performance, or otherwise provide advantage, over conventional technologies in the context of at least one of the application areas listed above.

Proposals must demonstrate feasibility and indicate a realistic maturation pathway.

Key Dates

Dates Activity
19th January 2023 Industry Briefing
13th March 2023 ATM Close Date

Submitting your proposal

Proposals are to be submitted via AusTender

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Opportunity information

Opening Date

Wed 11 Jan 2023 12:00am

Closing Date

Mon 13 Mar 2023 4:00pm

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Key information

Industry briefing - 19 January 2023

Submissions close - 13 March 2023

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