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Safeguarding Australia Technology Challenges

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The Safeguarding Australia Technology Challenges program commenced with three challenges in the area of Investigative Support and Forensic Science (detail below). Over 40 proposals were received from industry and academia with four selected for funding. New Border Security and Identity Management challenges will be released in FY22-23. This page will be updated with the new challenges shortly.

Safe Vehicle Interdiction

  • Single or multiple capabilities to allow law enforcement to render inoperable a moving vehicle, in a no-notice scenario whereby the vehicle must be stopped prior to reaching its intended destination (such as a civilian crowd). The capabilities must be applicable to motor vehicles and trucks of different sizes (light / medium / heavy rigid and heavy combination) and ages (with / without an Engine Control Unit), whilst minimising collateral damage to persons and infrastructure in close proximity of the targeted vehicle.

Enhanced Crime Scene DNA Collection

  • DNA collection device (such as a swab, tapelift or another device) which supports effective collection of biological material by on-site crime scene personnel, whilst enabling subsequent automated analysis in a laboratory environment without further handling or sample preparation.

Digital Forensic Tools

  • Detection, access, extraction and exploitation of electronic devices with a focus on personal devices and the ‘Internet of Things’ and their assistance to solving community crime.

Up to $200,000 (ex GST) per project is available to support a maximum of three projects of 18-24 months’ duration.

The expected outcome for all funded proposals will be the demonstration of a prototype solution in a simulated use case environment. Existing technologies that might be realigned to meet the needs of this call are also open for investigation.

This opportunity is now closed.

For further information and to submit your proposal, contact the ADSUN member in your state:

StateAustralian Defence Science and Universities Network
WA Defence Science Centre,
ACT, NSW Defence Innovation Network,
NT, SA Defence Innovation Partnership,
QLD Queensland Defence Science Alliance,
VIC, TAS Defence Science Institute,

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This opportunity is now closed.

For further information and to submit your proposal, contact the ADSUN member in your state