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Our research activities

Through our research activities, we produce ground-breaking and innovative science that supports Australia's defence and national security capabilities..

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An armoured vehicle performs a driving test.
Air, land and sea vehicles
LAND 400 is the Australian Army’s largest and most complex major capability equipment project to date.
DST researchers with graphic of computer modelling
Electronic warfare

DST has a well-established team and facilities for electromagnetic effects investigations, which have been applied extensively in support of several Australian Defence Force (ADF) aircraft over the past two decades.

An image of a HiFIRE trial
Air, land and sea vehicles
Through our HiFIRE collaboration, we have an active program to develop hypersonics for sustained high-speed flight.
A scientist working on ASRAAM.
DST Group is ensuring that the primary weapon of the F/A-18 Hornet remains capable against evolving threats.
A scientist working on the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM).
The Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) is a medium-range weapon that uses terminal semi-active radar homing guidance.
Two scientists in protective clothing handling insensitive munitions.
Propulsion and energy
DST Group is leading an international collaboration that has conducted world-first full-scale experiments to investigate how aged warheads respond to external stimuli such as shock and bullet impact.
A pipe patch.
Air, land and sea vehicles
DST Group has investigated a number of pipe patching repair systems.
An engineer preparing the Hawk Lead-in Fighter rig.
Air, land and sea vehicles
DST Group is undertaking fatigue tests to establish the endurance limits of the Hawk Mk 127 Lead-In Fighter.
Infrared signature management for aircraft
Air, land and sea vehicles
A problem posed by operators of military aircraft is that the engines emit substantial amounts of infrared radiation, which infrared-guided missiles home in on.
A scientist conducting advanced thermology.
Air, land and sea vehicles
The high replacement cost of Australia’s military aircraft means that they need to be kept flying long past the end of their design lives.