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Our research activities

Through our research activities, we produce ground-breaking and innovative science that supports Australia's defence and national security capabilities..

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Three scientists with a submarine model in DST's Low Speed Wind Tunnel.
Air, land and sea vehicles
DST Group has tested a generic submarine model in our Low Speed Wind Tunnel.
Land vetronics
Air, land and sea vehicles
DST Group has been undertaking research on Australian Defence Force (ADF) land vehicle electronic systems to enable the modernisation of the current fleets of Bushmaster, ASLAV and Abrams tank, and to inform decisions on acquisition of new vehicles as well as investigations into open systems vetronics concepts.
Wargaming the future
Operations analysis
DST Group has developed comprehensive, state-of-the-art modelling and simulation infrastructure to support the Army in the design of its future force structure.
Image of a question mark with many arrows, indicating uncertain future
Operations analysis

DST has undertaken work in the area of preparatory scenario research to help Defence prepare for the future.

A picture of a skeleton with a glowing brain, indicating head pain.
Human science

DST Group is carrying out research on the effect of performance shaping factors such as fatigue and boredom on cognitive and task performance and the efficacy of real team fatigue detection technologies.

Two DST Group researchers working in front of several computer screens.
Surveillance and space
ELIIXAR supports research into future integrated Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions for Defence.
DST Group's Jackie Craig conducting hyperspectral research
Surveillance and space
Hyperspectral imaging divides optical and infrared images into hundreds of spectral bands.
An image of a man in front of a radar array.
Surveillance and space

One element of DST Group's recent research in this area has been concerned with improving OTHR detection and tracking performance against larger, slow moving targets such as ships on the ocean surface.

MIMO wireless communications
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) wireless communications is a physical layer strategy that forms an important part of modern wireless communication standards such as Wi-Fi, LTE and WiMAX.
A young man pointing at a computer screen
Information systems
DST Group has been collaborating with its sister organisation in the United Kingdom, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) on development of intelligence processing and analysis technologies.