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Our research activities

Through our research activities, we produce ground-breaking and innovative science that supports Australia's defence and national security capabilities..

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MIMO wireless communications
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) wireless communications is a physical layer strategy that forms an important part of modern wireless communication standards such as Wi-Fi, LTE and WiMAX.
A young man pointing at a computer screen
Information systems
DST Group has been collaborating with its sister organisation in the United Kingdom, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) on development of intelligence processing and analysis technologies.
A scientist using Shapes Vector
DST Group has developed a technology called Shapes Vector that enables real-time security analysis of large-scale computer networks.
Defence members gathered around computers at a Defence wargame facility
Information systems
DST Group in collaboration with the University of Melbourne has developed an instrument for measuring aspects of thought.
Adam Blandford examines engine health monitoring for the Joint Strike Fighter
Propulsion and energy
Vibration-based prognostics and health monitoring (VPHM) technologies enable early identification and isolation of faults in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).
Scientist conducting food science laboratory testing
Human science
DST Group and CSIRO have conducted trials of a food processing technique known as high pressure processing (HPP).
Soldier wearing the new lightweight type Tiered Body Armour System.
Human science
DST Group was asked to conduct research on the body armour systems worn by frontline personnel to establish whether these were being used and worn the best way.
David Neilsen undertaking TIGER (Toxic Industrial Gas Evaluation Rig) for research with test canisters, fabric swatches or bulk adsorbent samples against a range of toxic industrial chemicals (TIC).
Hazard Management encompasses the areas of detection and remediation of chemical contamination.
Cell Harvester used in the Analysis of cell function, as a part of the program of developing medical countermeasures to infectious disease agents
DST Group conducts a multi-disciplinary research program to establish ways of countering the malicious use of biological and chemical agents against Defence and civilian personnel.
HMAS Darwin's Seahawk Helicopter
Electronic warfare
Australian Defence Force (ADF) helicopters in the Middle East often come under ground fire from small arms.