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DSTO's Dr Allan Paull receives the von Karman Award for International Co-operation in Aeronautics.
27 September 2012
Defence Science and Technology's (DSTO's) Dr Allan Paull receives the von Karman Award for International Co-operation in Aeronautics.
The test hypersonic vehicle is launched from the Andoya Rocket Range in Norway.
20 September 2012
DSTO has successfully conducted a test flight of an experimental hypersonic vehicle.
DSTO scientists meet with Minister Warren Snowdon.
Media Release
18 September 2012
DSTO scientists meet with Minister Warren Snowdon as part of the 2012 Science Meets Parliament program.
Dr Alex Zelinksy with Professor Yonggang Zhu.
Media Release
29 August 2012
Professor Yonggang Zhu from CSIRO was awarded the $10,000 prize.
Alex Zelinsky
Media Release
17 August 2012
Dr Alex Zelinsky has been appointed to conduct further consultations on the Defence Trade Controls Bill 2011.
DSTO logo
25 July 2012
Nineteen past and present Defence Science and Technology (DSTO) staff members were recognised for their international collaboration in 2012.
Ministers at DSTO Scottsdale.
Media Release
14 May 2012
Up to 30 new jobs will be created in this highly specialised project.
The Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, Warren Snowdon
Media Release
13 April 2012
DSTO will test the effectiveness of camouflage uniforms in hot and humid conditions.
A camouflage uniform is tested by a DSTO scientist.
4 April 2012
Camouflage patterns for military uniforms will trick the human eye so that soldiers are indistinguishable from the background.
The vision technology system on a defence land vehicle.
28 March 2012
Technology has been developed to enhance awareness of targets and threats to ground vehicles.