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Ministers at DSTO Scottsdale.
Media Release
14 May 2012
Up to 30 new jobs will be created in this highly specialised project.
The Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, Warren Snowdon
Media Release
13 April 2012
DSTO will test the effectiveness of camouflage uniforms in hot and humid conditions.
A camouflage uniform is tested by a DSTO scientist.
4 April 2012
Camouflage patterns for military uniforms will trick the human eye so that soldiers are indistinguishable from the background.
The vision technology system on a defence land vehicle.
28 March 2012
Technology has been developed to enhance awareness of targets and threats to ground vehicles.
Dr David Warren with the black box flight recorder
22 March 2012
The ABC has identified Dr David Warren's invention as one that changed our lives.
Chief Defence Scientist and head of DSTO, Dr Alex Zelinsky.
13 March 2012
Dr Alexander Zelinsky is the new Chief Defence Scientist and head of DSTO.
Acting Chief Defence Scientist Dr Warren Harch, Dr Elena Mazourenko and Secretary of Defence Mr Duncan Lewis.
9 March 2012
Dr Elena Mazourenko is the winner of the 2012 Secretary of Defence Fellowship.
'Win the Eureka Prize' text
2 March 2012
DSTO sponsors the Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in Support of Defence or National Security.
Submarine with new radar absorbing material
1 February 2012
DSTO advances the application of new radar absorbing material to Australia's Collins class submarine fleet.
L to R: Minister for Defence Science and Personnel Warren Snowdon, Minister's Award for Achievement in Defence Science 2011 awardee Cheng Anderson, Secretary of the Department of Defence Duncan Lewis.
Media Release
21 November 2011
Dr Cheng Anderson is the 2011 winner of the Minister's Achievement Award in Defence Science.