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Horace Billon (right) with industry collaborator Adam Fairbairn, testing new ceramic armour prototypes.
23 November 2016
DST is responsible for developing individual protection for Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel, particularly those deployed on operations.
Defence researcher Dr Jacqueline Craig has been elected a Fellow of the ATSE
21 November 2016
Defence researchers Dr Jacqueline Craig (recently retired) and Dr Stuart Cannon have been elected Fellows of the ATSE.
SAGE Executives Dr Wafa El-Adhami and Dr Saraid Billiards with members of the DST leadership team.
17 November 2016
Over two days SAGE program Executives visited Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) laboratories in Melbourne and Adelaide.
Tania Holmes with one of the high-tech cameras used to capture explosive action.
16 November 2016
Defence researcher Tania Holmes starts her technology pitch at the 2016 Future Land Force Conference by popping a balloon.
Minister for Defence Senator the Hon Marise Payne, the 2016 Minister’s Award for Achievement in Defence Science recipient Dr Brian Ferguson and Chief Defence Scientist Dr Alex Zelinsky.
Media Release
11 November 2016
Defence scientist Dr Brian Ferguson has won the 2016 Minister’s Award for Achievement in Defence Science.
Lear jet with ASRAAM guidance section mounted in pod under starboard wing (LHS of photo) and camera for recording test environments in infrared imagery mounted in pod under port wing (RHS of photo).
8 November 2016
DST research has been critical to ensuring the F/A-18 Hornet’s ASRAAM weapon continues to offer a capability edge.
Aerial view of the Northern Flinders Ranges containing incised creek valleys and gorges where Warratyi Rock Shelter was discovered.
3 November 2016
Dr Nigel Spooner contributed to the research that has discovered much earlier habitation and technology of humans in inland Australia than previously known.
Defence researcher Jie Ding.
26 October 2016
DST has developed a liquid electrolyte that hardens when subjected to severe physical shocks.
Minister for Defence Senator the Hon Marise Payne.
20 October 2016

Minister for Defence Senator the Hon Marise Payne has announced that Defence has commenced a research program using miniature satellites.

Anthony Woolley and Jenny Liu aboard HMAS Warramunga.
18 October 2016
Key to the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) warfighting capability is how well its ships survive.