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Media Release
18 August 2021

A record 25 scholarships have been awarded to women studying STEM at 13 universities across Australia.

16 August 2021

This National Science week we celebrate the STEM Force!

12 August 2021

Outgoing Chief Peter Lambert says there is a lot to look forward to with DSTG's digital science infrastructure undergoing a major transformation.

Construction of the wind tunnel commenced in 1945.
5 August 2021

DSTG's low-speed wind tunnel notches up 80 years.

26 July 2021

Defence scientists are exploring how individual walking styles may help in personal identification.

20 July 2021

As cities around the world contend with varying degrees of lockdown to manage the spread of COVID-19, Defence scientists in Australia are developing tools to assess how a society is likely to react to such measures.

Media Release
16 July 2021

Australian university students will have the opportunity to apply their fresh ideas and innovative approaches to national security challenges through a new Defence entrepreneurship program, D.Start Catalyst.

15 July 2021

D.Start Ignite is an innovation program for Australian entrepreneurs working on emerging science and technology with potential military applications.

9 July 2021

Constellations of small, smart satellites in low Earth orbit are set to open up a galaxy of opportunities for Defence.

30 June 2021

Defence scientists have developed electronics kits that can be used to detect uncrewed aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones.